Friday, December 2, 2016

A Day In the Life

9:40 PM- The 3 big kids and I arrive home from theater rehearsal (its tech week which means late night rehearsals on the stage with costumes and lights 3 days in a row.)

9:50 PM- They climb into bed and fall asleep quickly without even changing into pajamas. I clean the table and start to fill pretzel orders.

2 AM- After finishing dipping and bagging pretzels, I finish typing our monthly learning record and send it to our supervising teacher.

2:15 AM- Quartus sleepily wanders out of bed and crawls into my arms. I turn off lights, check doors, and get him and I settled in bed. 

7 AM- I wake up and go to the kitchen to do more work on my business.

8:45 AM- The kids start waking up and slowly dragging themselves into the kitchen to eat pie with lots of whipped cream for breakfast.

9:45 AM- We all pile into the car and go to our mommy-and-me music class.  Four out of the five of us are still wearing what we fell asleep in last night.

11:15 AM- We're back at home.  I announce that since I am stressed out, over-scheduled, and haven't been getting enough sleep, school is cancelled for the day.  I can't be a good mommy when I'm this tired.  (So glad we did school work on Veteran's Day instead of taking a holiday like we were "supposed" to.)

12 PM- The kids eat lunch while watching Horrible Histories.  They're given a list of tasks to complete after lunch (clean up lunch, clean bedroom, shower, do one extra chore of your choosing, and play Just Dance.)

I lay down for a nap.  Daddy arrives home from work soon after.

4 PM- I wake up, feeling refreshed, to find the pleasant surprise that the kitchen/laundry room/kids bedroom are much cleaner than I expected!

4:30 PM- Canned chili is warmed and eaten for dinner.  Then make-up is put on and things gathered for rehearsal.

5:30 PM- The big kids and I head to rehearsal.

9:40 PM- We arrive home, the kids go to bed, and I prepare for another long night.

Obviously, this is not a typical day-in-the-life for us.  But as we all know, life gets busy.  And this is my busiest/craziest week of the year, I'm so glad it's almost over!


  1. Wow! That is a hard schedule! I'm wishing you a peaceful week to come.

  2. Feeling your pain! 13 loads of laundry, 200+ gifts wrapped (with help) dinner and dessert for ward Christmas party, house decorating, home school, axtivity day girls, finish unpacking from last week's trip, return luggage to storage, oil change, home school, baby with Croup, prepare primary lesson for sunday,foundation party to plan/and put in motion, have to decorate the community center for foundation christmas party this morning and transport said 200+ gifts, party from 12-3 and ward part 6-9. I'm going to die before today is over and I still have to teach on sunday....Homeschool is not for the faint of heart....