Friday, December 9, 2016

Homeschooling Means...#26

...more people are home for more hours of the day.  Which means more messes.  Homeschooling also means less time and energy to clean up said messes.

Another great excuse for why the house is sometimes gross is this:

While both of those excuses are perfectly valid, often the real reason that Martha Stewart would faint if she came for a visit is that I'm just a crappy housewife.  

(This series is meant to be mostly lighthearted and fun.  Some may be serious, but most will be silly, braggy, or of the keepin'-it-real variety.  Not every homeschool is the same.  And some of these things could be said by public school parents.  This is just to highlight MY experience with MY homeschool and MY children.  Enjoy these little insights into our life and feel free to share your own "Homeschooling means..." in the comments!)

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