Friday, December 23, 2016

Kitchen Tip

One kitchen item that I can't live without is a good plastic 1 gallon pitcher.  

I don't own a regular blender, only an immersion blender.  I use to own a regular blender, but it leaked, it had too many annoying pieces to clean, and I didn't have room in my tiny kitchen.  So I got rid of it and instead use only my immersion blender.  It's versatile and so small!

But this is about my love for my gallon pitchers...

When I make smoothies for the whole family (which is often) I just mix them up in my gallon pitcher.  I make a huge batch and then freeze the rest in popscicle molds.  (I just have to remember to use the pitcher with the flat bottom so it doesn't get chopped up by the blade.)

I also love to mix big batches of pancake or waffle batter in my pitchers to make for easy pouring and less mess.

And this Thanksgiving I mixed my pumpkin pie filling in it.  It worked great.

What's your favorite kitchen tool?

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