Monday, December 12, 2016

Don't tell me what to do! You don't know me!

Every family and child is different.  Different needs.  Different struggles.  Different talents.  Different interests.  Different cultures.  Different values.

Homeschoolers know this perhaps better than anyone.  That's the whole point of homeschooling.  So, fellow homeschool bloggers, stop ignoring this basic tenet just for the sake of a catchy blog headline!

 Why do you sometimes seem to forget this?  Some of you like to generalize in a presumptuous, condescending way.  Don't tell me what products I "need."  Don't tell me what I "need" to teach my children.  You don't know us.  Don't tell me what to do!

Below are actual blog post titles that I have read recently (emphasis added by me.)  They're all from blogs that I generally like.  This, however, is a huge pet peeve of mine.

"Art Supplies Every Homeschool Should Have"
Fixed it: "Art Supplies We Love in Our Homeschool"

"Top Ten Homeschool Stalling Techniques Your Kids Use"
Fixed it: "Top Ten Homeschool Stalling Techniques My Kids Use."

"Must-Have Supplies For High School"
Fixed it: "Our Favorite Supplies For High School"

"Essential Elements For a Home Learning Environment"
Fixed it: "Essential Elements For Our Home Learning Environment"

"10 things You Need to Know If You're Homeschooling For the First Time This Year"
Fixed it: "10 Tips For the First Time Homeschooler"

"How to Gain Control Over Your Laundry"
Fixed it: "How Gained Control Over My Laundry"

"One Tool You Need For Homeschool Organization"
Fixed it: "One Tool I Need For Homeschool Organization"

"Why Moms Need to Stress Less and Enjoy Their Kids More"
Fixed it: "Why Some Moms Need to Stress Less and Enjoy Their Kids More"

If I'm ever guilty of this obnoxiousness on my blog, please call me out on it!

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  1. Good point. I've noticed the same thing and wondered at the crazy titles.