Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bunny Treats

Chestnut Grove Academy

I found this first project on Pinterest.  It was super easy for the kids to put together.

1. Dip Oreos in melted white chocolate.  I love to use Almond Bark
2. Add a small candy for a nose and black sprinkles for the eyes.  (The only thing I had for the nose was M&M's, but the link I found on Pinterest suggested jelly beans.) 
3. For the ears, cut a marshmallow in half on the diagonal.  Dip in colored sugar.

The ears aren't attached to the head, but it would probably be pretty easy to glue them together using a dab of melted chocolate. 
Also, did you know it was super easy to make colored sugar?  I don't know why I was convinced that it would be so difficult!  Seriously, just put some sugar in a jar, add some food coloring, and shake until all colored.  If you're worried about it being moist, just spread it out on some aluminum foil and let dry for a couple hours.

And here's the bunny cake we made.  You're supposed to bake two 9 inch round cakes and cut one of them into 2 ears and a bowtie.  But when I took it out of the pan, it totally fell apart.  So I ended up piecing together ears and tie from pieces of that cake plus some pieces left over from a lightsaber birthday cake I made on Saturday. 

Sometimes I don't give my oldest enough credit or opportunity to shine.  I really tried to step back as much as I was comfortable with this project.  Here are some things that a 6 year old is capable of doing to make a bunny cake:

1. Grease the pans.
2. Read the directions on the box.
3. Pour the ingredients in the bowl.
4. Crack the eggs and put in bowl.
5. Use the hand mixer with assistance.
6. Set the timer.
7. Test cooked cake for done-ness.
8. Frost cake.
9. Add chocolate chip eyes.
10. Decorate bowtie.
11. Pipe on color in ears, with assistance.
12. Add whiskers made of Twizzler Pull-and-Peel.

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