Thursday, April 5, 2012

So glad I pulled Secundus out!

I pulled Secundus out of preschool at Christmas time.  Go here to read about why I enrolled and then disenrolled her. 

I have never regretted the decision to pull her out!  We have a couple friends who are still enrolled in that class and the mom occasionally tells me things about it that make me glad I got out as soon as I did! 
The latest update she told me is that adults in the classroom are not allowed to compel (or even encourage) any of the children to apologize when they have done anything wrong (hit another child, for example.)  What the what??  This is what is wrong with our society!  I'm gonna stop now before I get started because this could easily turn into a rambling rant.

The other tidbit she told me is that if the kids are supposed to be sitting at the table during their small-group time to practice writing the letter A, for example, you cannot tell them that they have to sit.  If they want to get up and goof around and not participate in the task at hand, that's fine.  Half of the class is 4 year olds going to Kindergarten next fall.  How is this class preparing them for Kindergarten???

Apparently this teacher (I don't know if it is the district policy) is under the impression that children are capable of raising and teaching themselves.  That is definitely NOT where my child belongs.

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