Friday, April 27, 2012

Plans for the rest of the school year...

For a variety of reasons, I have not been very motivated to do school lately.  Our official last day of school is May 18th, which means we have less than a month to go.  That works out to only 2 weeks before the move, and 1 week after.  So, my point is, we're not going to be doing anything very spectacular between now and the end. 

Also, I predict that we won't accomplish anything unless I write down a plan.  So here it is.  (Most of this is specific to Primus because Secundus is still 3.  At this point she mostly just plays and does what she wants unless she wants to be included with any science or art projects.)

1) Continue our morning routine:
-Scripture Memorization
-Journal (2 sentence response to a prompt)
-Daily Language Review, grade 1
-1 page from Building Spelling Skills, grade 2
-1 page of handwriting practice

2) Language Arts:
-Lots of reading
-Some lessons from a new workbook we got: How to Write a Story

3) Science: We are done with our official curriculum so I was going to just not even worry about it anymore.  But then the girls asked today if we were going to do any science.  So I guess I better come up with something.  Here's my only initial ideas:
-Exploration with our new bucket balance
-Once we finally get into the new house, they can spend the week exploring in the dirt and the trees while I empty boxes

4) Art:
-Sponge painting with our new Build-A-Kid Sponge Painters
-Spin art.  Super fun and easy and not too messy.  We're using the finished masterpieces as stationary.
-Fingerprint art

5) Math:  I've decided that I don't want to continue with any of Primus' Modern Curriculum Press lessons until she has her addition and subtraction facts memorized.
-Math Wrap Ups
-Flash cards
-Ghost Blasters 2 game

6) Lifeskills:
-Packing boxes
-Deep cleaning

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