Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree

My kids love this song!

That said, the idea for this craft came from a good friend of mine who has decades of experience teaching preschool and doing daycare and tutoring of all ages.  She has so many great ideas! 

This was perfect for us because we are starting a science unit on Plants so this gave me the opportunity to point out the trunk, branches, and blossoms of a fruit tree.  Plus, we still had some extra, un-buttered, popped corn from our family movie night.

Primus did the one on the left.  She was able to draw her own trunk and branches on blue construction paper after I showed her on Secundus' paper.  The popcorn is simply glued on with white school glue.  I like to pour a bit in a small cup and then the kids use popsicle sticks to spread the glue where it needs to be.  


  1. Good idea for the glue! I haven't let Pax try that type of glue yet because I knew it would be messy. I think I'll let him now.

  2. Try it! I definitely think we waste less glue this way.