Friday, April 27, 2012

Eagle Lesson Plan part 2

We followed through with the idea I had the other day to study some poems about eagles.  And I'm glad we did, because it went really well.

The first one we looked at was The Bald Eagle by Don R. Wilkins.  I read it out loud and then I asked the girls to identify who the narrator was (the eagle!)  Then we made a short list of a few things they learned about eagles from the poem.  I was quite impressed when Primus was able to identify that the victory song spoken of in stanza 3 was in response to catching his prey.

Then we read From an Eagle's View by Stacy Smith.  After they listened to me read it, the girls came up with a list of things that an eagle would be able to see from his view point high in the sky.

Next we studied The Eagle by Alfred Tennyson.  He used a lot of really good vocabulary so Primus and I went through line by line and deciphered what he was saying.  Again I was pleasantly surprised when Primus was able to tell me that "The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls" meant that the water down below was flowing. 

Finally, each of the girls drew on 12X18 construction paper a large picture of an eagle.  Then they glued feathers on for a very colorful bird.


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