Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Symmetry Lesson and Butterfly Crafts

Chestnut Grove Academy

Primus learned about symmetry last week.  So this week I decided to review the concept and extend it to something most girls love, butterflies!

We reviewed what symmetrical shapes are and what it means to be symmetrical by using a geo board.  Following are two crafts that we did to emphasize that butterfly wings are symmetrical.

First, we glued pre-cut construction paper shapes on big paper butterflies.  You get a gold star if you notice the place where Secundus forgot to put one shape.

Next, we made these cute snacks to share with our playgroup friends.  As you can see, we used snack-size ziplocks, clothespins, and a bit of pipe cleaner.  Each "wing" has the same amount and colors of fruit loops and fruit snacks.

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  1. Very cute the butterfly snacks! Thanks for sharing with BTT!