Thursday, April 12, 2012

Impromptu Grocery Store Field Trip

Chestnut Grove Academy Field Trip Friday Blog Hop
To support our study of the parts of plants, I took the girls with me to the grocery store so we could buy some celery (to observe how stems work) and lima beans (so we could get them to sprout roots). 
While there we also strolled around the produce section and talked about root vegetables. 

Then we tracked down one of the produce guys and asked if they had any empty apple boxes we could have.  (I love those sturdy apple boxes for storage!)  Usually they will just run to the back, grab a couple, and bring them back out to us.  But this time the guy invited us to the back to get them and he gave us an impromptu tour!

He showed the girls how all the goods are on pallets and on shelves until they're ready to go out in the store.  And then he took us to the produce cooler.  Secundus' favorite part is when he showed us how the big box crusher works.  Primus' favorite part was when we saw the huge box the watermelons come in.

We ended our awesome field trip at the bakery for free cookies.  Probably the coolest trip to the grocery store ever!

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  1. what a neat little impromptu! That was so nice of the grocery guy! Thanks for linking up at FTF!